Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M RGB Keyboard Review

/ 11 months ago

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A Closer Look

The Masterkeys Pro M doesn’t deviate much from the design of the current Masterkeys range, the main selling point here is that it’s cut down to 90% size of the regular model. that being said, the design still looks great, with a super tough and durable design, and a relatively slim bezel design that will make the keyboard easy to pick up and chuck in your LAN bag.


To cut down on space, the keyboard gets rid of the traditional UDLR arrow keys, instead shoving the number pad up to the edge of the main keys. The arrow keys are still there though, just integrated into the number pad design and unlocked using NumLock. There is also a range of multimedia controls, which you can access using Fn-Shift.


Tucked onto the top row, you have the usual F1-12 keys, but they hide plenty of extra features of their own too. The F1-F4 buttons offer up lighting controls, as you don’t need any software to create fully custom per-key lighting designs. Fn-shift and tap each once or more to set how much or each colour you want, strike the key you want to be lit, and Fn-shift out, it’s that easy.

Over here you’ve got on-the-fly polling rate adjustment, nice and easy to use.


And if that’s not enough on-the-fly customisation for you, you can also lock down the Windows key, control the LEDs with a master on/off control, add or remove macros and record them with just a couple of key strokes; very handy for a custom macro in a hurry when farming mobs.

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Need to deploy all your settings over multiple profiles? Not to worry, that setting is built into the keyboard too, and there are four profile toggles using Fn-Shift and the 1-4 keys, making it easy to go from your work to gaming modes in a flash.


On the underside, four tough rubber grips hold the keyboard in place on your desk, and with the added weight of the keyboard, it’s unlikely to slide around no matter how hard to all caps rage in team chat.


There are two small yet durable kickstands too, each with their own rubber feet, so you won’t lose too much traction while they’re in use.


Nothing much around the back, just a small cutaway for the cable routing.


And there are more cable routing holes on each end too, so it’s up to you which way it goes.


Detachable cables are great, as they’re easy to replace if they get broken and it also makes the keyboard easier to store in your LAN bag, you can use your own longer/shorter cables, etc.


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