Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 AIO CPU Cooler Review

/ 10 months ago

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A Closer Look

The most recent few AIO coolers from Cooler Master have used a much neater looking radiator design, it’s a bit more square and doesn’t have any lumps and bumps on the side like many of the cheaper AIOs. It also looks and feel more durable than most, and the attention to creating a more professional looking product really shows.

The hoses have been given an upgrade too, they look much thicker than previous models, with some of the nicest weave braiding I’ve ever seen on an AIO. The heat shrink-wrap on the fittings also looks more durable and the whole thing just looks more robust in general.

The pump on this model doesn’t have that clear plastic top like the last model, and while I did like the other design, this looks even better. It’s a lot more understated, and it’ll be easier for it to blend in with the rest of your build.

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On the side of the pump, you’ll find two pivot mounts, which will allow you to find the best orientation for the unit when installing it in different configurations.

On the base of the pump, a large copper contact plate that’s sure to provide excellent coverage on any of the supported CPUs/sockets.

The radiator has a good amount of fins packed in, with a design that should allow for lots of airflow with low resistance, but also shift quite a lot of heat too.

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