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Cooler Master’s MasterAir MA624 “Stealth” is Revealed

Cooler Master is undoubtedly a highly-respectable brand when it comes to their wide range of PC hardware products and particularly so their cooling solutions. Following the official announcement of the MasterAir MA624 “Stealth”, however, they clearly are either willing to tread quite a fine line in terms of the product description, or maybe they just have a sense of humor. – Why? – Well, despite the ‘Stealth’ naming, it’s actually a rather colossally huge air cooling solution!

Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth

Allowing for compatibility with up to three fans (with three reportedly supplied with it out of the box), the Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth is undoubtedly a product that’s taking a firm swing at the high-performance air cooling market. – Despite only initially being made available in Hong Kong, full worldwide availability is expected with some kind of announcement at CES 2021 definitely a possibility.

As we noted rather sarcastically above, the ‘Stealth’ naming is certainly taking a rather significant liberty given how huge this cooler is and particularly so if it was set-up in a system with a triple fan configuration. While we haven’t seen this in the flesh (yet), it would appear to at least be as comparably large as the Noctua NH-D15 which, as you’re probably aware, is an absolute monster in itself!

How Much Will It Cost?

Following a report via TechPowerUp, it has been confirmed that the Cooler Master MasterAir MA624 Stealth will retail for something in the region of $100. – A price that would seemingly add to the overall suggestion that this is not a ‘cheap and cheerful’ cooling solution. – Given that this costs rather significantly more than Noctua’s seemingly comparative designs, however, we hope that this performs every bit as well as the size of it would suggest.

In terms of details though, although seemingly pending the official release, there is a placeholder listing on Cooler Master’s website which you can check out via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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