Coolermaster Novatouch Topre Switch Keyboard at Computex 2014

/ 3 years ago


Computex 2014: We just stopped by the Cooler Master booth at Computex 2014 to check out what new products they’ll have on the market later this year. We’ve already seen their Nova keyboard before at CES, but it’s such an impressive product that we just have to show it to you again. The keyboard uses a switch type that is unlike mechanical and membrane, it’s actually quite unique, and offers unrivalled build quality and performance from its Topre switches.

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More details to follow soon in regards to release date and official pricing.


The keyboard looks pretty standard, but CM say they’ll release different layouts and switch weights in the future. The quality is hard to describe, but it’s best described (in my opinion) as a membrane feel keyboard with mechanical quality. The only downside being that it will be priced toward the enthusiast market, at what we expect to be around $150-200.


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  • Just reeks of low quality junk. I won’t touch a non Cherry switch board ever. No thanks CM.

    • Ben

      Topre switches are considered higher end than Cherry

      • Considered by who? Someone who told you so? Lmfao!

        You’re funny bud. Thanks for the laugh.

        • Ben

          I’ve actually used Topre before, and many people that have tried Topre switches would agree with me. Try looking around online for reviews or on forums.

  • Wayne

    I hope you’re kidding about your estimated price for this TKL basic model. For $200 I can buy 2 CM Storm Triggers over here at retail price and as you know they have both back lighting & macro keys.