Corsair Gaming K63 Mechanical Keyboard Review

/ 10 months ago

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A Closer Look

The K63 is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it travel-friendly for competitive gamers, while also providing a few other benefits. The compact design means that the keyboard takes up less space than most, which is perfect for those who like to use a larger surface area for their mouse at low DPI settings. It’s also more focused, and if you spend most of your time on WASD than anything else, you’re just trimming away keys that you don’t use!


It may be smaller, but the keyboard does still pack a few bonus features. There are some dedicated multimedia control keys in the top left, and with them being on the left, you can easily reach them while gaming and don’t have to move far from WASD or remove your hand from the mouse.


The K63 doesn’t feature over the top RGB lighting effects, but it does have red LED lighting. To compliment this, you’ll also find a red backplate under the keys, which is going to highlight the LEDs in a darker room better, but also looks kind of cool with them powered off!


To the right, you’ll find controls for master mute, volume down and volume up, again allowing you to control your multimedia directly on the keyboard, which is ideal for those who like to listen to their music while gaming. Also on the top row, you’ll find a Windows Key lock button, which is always a nice feature on a gaming keyboard, and a master lighting control which toggles between three levels of brightness for all of the LED lights and can also turn them off completely.

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The keyboard does have a relatively slim chassis design, and while it is plastic, it feels very robust and durable. There’s a light texture finish to it too, which looks great and contrasts with the matte finish key caps nicely.


The keyboard does have one feature we see on most Corsair keyboards these days, that extra large font, which is beautiful and bold, very clear, and also allows room on the key caps for more light to pass through from the LEDs.


The keyboard comes hard-wired at the back, and it uses a much lighter cable than we usually see from Corsair, and that’s a big bonus in my book as their high-end keyboards often come with unwieldy wires.


There’s a very slight curve to the key layout from front to pack, and the keyboard has a wedge shape to it with relatively high mounted keys. This isn’t a problem as such, but those who like a lower set keyboard may not find it suitable.


The keyboard is compatible with a Corsair wrist rest. However, there isn’t one included in the box.


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One Response to “Corsair Gaming K63 Mechanical Keyboard Review”
  1. Sykobee says:

    Looks like you gain a few multimedia keys and red LEDs over the K65, but you lose the aluminium backplate-only design.

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