Corsair LL120 RGB LED Fans Review

/ 2 months ago

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A Closer Look

The Corsair LL120 comes with everything you need to complete your RGB lighting setup. There’s a fan hub in the box, which is powered via a single SATA connector and hooks up to your motherboard via a USB header. It’s really nice and compact too, so hiding it within your system build shouldn’t be difficult.

Also included in the box, is Corsair Lighting Node Pro. This expansion hub allows you to bridge your lighting loop to other compatible hardware such as lighting strips.

The connection kit is nice and simple, with a USB cable, bridge cable, and all the screws required to mount the fans. There’s also some adhesive pads for the two hubs, so you can secure them in your build.

The fans use a standard PWM 4-pin header and an additional smaller header for the RGB lighting system.

Three Glorious RGB Fans

Obviously, the star of the show isn’t a few cables and some screws, it’s these lovely 120mm fans.

The fans are very nicely designed and come with a black frame design that provides a nice contrast to the frosty white fan blades and trim. I think they look great even with the lights off, and would happily have these in my system. Of course, the white plastics are designed to really capture the interior lighting and show it off to full effect, which I’ll be testing in a moment.

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The corners of the fan are treated with a durable rubber anti-vibration pad. There’s one on each corner, and on both sides of the fan, giving us eight pads in total.

The fans simply screw into place, that much is obvious. However, the fan mounts are nice and sturdy and have some small braces to prevent the mounts from breaking over time.

Finally, the rear of the fan looks neat and tidy too. It’s little details like the all black cables, and all motor hardware being covered up that matter. These fans are built for performance, but they’re also very aesthetic in nature, so it’s good to see that Corsair has kept them looking clean and symmetrical too.

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