Corsair Release the Link Commander Mini

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Corsair have just released their new Commander mini, which gives you the ability to control multiple lights, fans and other Corsair devices via the systems intuitive software interface. If you’re like me and you have a couple of water coolers with extra fans, LED strip lighting and more, then you’ll know it can be tricky controlling it all from fan controllers, lighting controller, water cooling software, motherboard fan controllers and more, so having a unified system is no bad thing at all.

Equipped with four Corsair Link Digital ports, six fan connectors, four temperature probe inputs and a Corsair Link LED lighting strip port, the Commander Mini is the perfect add on to any Corsair heavy system build.

Corsair Link gives ultimate PC control
Corsair Link marks an end to the days of case fans, component fans and case lighting that must be managed manually with hardware switches and dials, while simultaneously offering more advanced control and expansion options than motherboard BIOS settings. Everything is configurable from the PC’s desktop via the Corsair Link Dashboard software interface.

Precise Monitoring
Users can see how a system is operating at a glance with an unprecedented level of detail. Coolant temperature, ambient temperature (at multiple points), and the speed of case fans and fans built-in to compatible system components can be monitored, all via the Corsair Link Dashboard software.

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A New Level of Control
Corsair Link gives PC users the power to manage fan speeds individually, set up customized cooling profiles, or program fans to respond to changes in ambient or component temperature. Lighting can be programmed to relay critical system information or to change the look of the system to provide an instant visual indicator of the selected cooling profile, or just for fun.

Expandable Eco-System
The Commander Mini fan controllers work with virtually any standard PC case fan, and the included temperature sensors can be placed nearly anywhere in a PC case. Expand your control by adding compatible peripherals, including Corsair i-Series liquid CPU coolers, i-Series power supplies, and DRAM cooling systems which feature the Corsair Link Digital logo.

Pricing, Availability, and Warranty
The Commander Mini is available immediately on the Corsair website for $59.99 USD. It is backed with a two year warranty.

Thank you Corsair for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Corsair.

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One Response to “Corsair Release the Link Commander Mini”
  1. Wayne says:

    $60… Ouch! Thats quite a bit of scratch for what is basically just a fan controller. Corsair sure knows how to charge.

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