Cougar 700M Gaming Mouse Now Available

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Cougar is better known for their chassis and PSU products, but having established a good reputation for themselves, the company is now expanding into other sectors of the PC market. With the rise in popularity of eSports and the peripherals market, the company as decided to take on both markets directly with the launch fo the 700M, their high performance gaming mouse, which is targetted right at the heart of the eSports crowd. Having been in development for two years, the Cougar 700M looks absolutely stunning. Featuring an aluminium frame that won them the coveted iF 2014 and Computex Design & innovation Award of 2014.

Aside from its gorgeous aluminium construction, the 700M is full adjustable, meaning you should be able to tweak and adjust it to your liking with relative ease. The mouse has been constructed on a “framing structure”, meaning the parts and components are built on a simple folded aluminium chassis, giving the mouse both strength and a lightweight design. Sounds more like the kind of build you would find on a track day race car.


The back palm rest can be removed, allow you to attach a “sport mode” version which is provided, although that’s just slang for “it comes with two differently shaped back panels.”

Aluminum Framing Structure

To provide more rigid and robust input device for the fierce computer gaming, the design principle of the COUGAR mouse ”Framing Structure” makes the product different from existing mice on the market. Inspired from a vertebrate animal concept, the COUGAR mouse is built on a metallic backbone chassis which provides extra bracing for the whole device. The electronics compartment, the ergonomic modules and the mechanical structures are contained within, and screwed onto, the chassis. Also, based on the concept of its design, it is the lightest aluminium mouse in the word.

Electronics Within

The M700 gaming mouse features 8200 dpi Precision Gaming Sensor Technology using the ADNS-9800 high performance laser sensor for accurate cursor control. There is also a 32-Bit ARM processor offer superior computing speed as well as 512kb of on-board memory. Since there’s a CPU inside 700M, it is a smart gaming mouse, with no need to rely on the CPU and memory of the PC for its computing needs. With it you can store up to 3 profiles on the mouse and you can bring your setup to other PCs.

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Mechanical Adjustments

With the Palm Rest High/Low Adjustment (Tool-Less) design, you can achieve better palm support as the arched frame can be raised with a knob rotation. The COUGAR 700M optimizes your comfort and eases fatigue over long-time gameplay, gamers will not be feeling fatigue with the 700M. There is also a built-in Weight Adjustment mechanism. Using a weight cartridge containing four 4.5 gram metal weights allows you to customize the mouse weight. This is necessary to get that “just right” feeling when whipping your mouse around during intense gaming. Alternatively, when you take off all the weights, it is the lightest aluminum mouse at only 110g.

Firing Buttons

The COUGAR 700M has eight programmable buttons and the ergonomic design of the Fire Button allows for quick, simple actions when engaging the fire button at key moments in gameplay. There is a 45 degree sniper button, the function of the sniper button on the gaming mouse is to reduce the sensor dpi. This provides gamers a more accurate mouse cursor control in the sniper mode of first-person shooter (FPS) games. The sniper button is designed with a 45 degree angle of activation, to provide quick access, better stability and more precise aiming during game play. Instead of pressing the button towards the mouse, the 45 degree sniper button can provide more stable control in FPS gaming.


The mouse will be available at most major retailers shortly and has an MSRP of $84.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Ouch! 84 bucks just for a mouse has got to hurt but that’s still far better than that Level 10 thing that’s not worth half it’s price as far as I’m concerned.

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