Cougar G800 GX-Series 800W Power Supply Review

/ 6 years ago

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Cougar is a company that few have heard of, even in Europe, a very small number would have them in their ‘recommended power supply manufacturer list’ which they would either consider for their own rigs or recommend to others. However, those who do recommend Cougar PSUs are the ones who have used them- and for very good reason! Cougar is actually a subsidiary of Compucase and handle all the power supply R&D work. They have gained a strong reputation for quality among the small but growing market they market to. I can foresee large orders of Cougar units hitting major UK retailers and the shores of the USA in the near future!

Cougar takes a slightly different approach to most manufacturers which is owed to their status as a true PSU manufacturer rather than a case manufacturer with a PSU branch. Cougar are able to build their PSUs from the ground up using their experience in PSU manufacturing. Cougar are going to be facing some very tough competition from the likes of Antec and Corsair who seem to be dominating the PSU market in Europe, however their main competitor will most likely be Enermax as both companies are dedicated PSU manufacturers and aim to supply high quality units, we’ll how they will compete later.

The GX-series is Cougar’s top-of-the-line family that features 80+ Gold Certification with up to 93% efficiency, a semi-modular design and many other features that are typical of a high end PSU. With the many technologies employed by Cougar, and the high build quality, we are expecting great things from this unit!

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