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Crazy Taxi 3 Mod Gives the Classic a Next-Gen Overhaul

I’m a big fan of modding games, especially older games to give them a new lease of life. A YouTube video from talented modder Sanadsk has just been released, and it shows us what Crazy Taxi 3 Remaster could look like. Of course, we don’t need it to be remastered because 1) It’s still awesome to play in its original state, and 2) Sanadsk has already given up the files to upgrade it. That’s right, you can play it too!

Basically, the original Xbox version of the game is running on Windows via an emulator. I can’t link those sort of files, but hey, you know how Google works, it shouldn’t take you too long to work that out.

The game is then using updated textures and resolution, giving it a staggeringly more sharp image. Then on top of that, it has Pascal’s Ray Tracing Reshade (works on any GPU), that gives its lighting a nice overhaul.

The end result? Well, just check out the video for yourself! You should check out more of their videos too, such as God of War 2 and many more. You’ll find everything else you need on their Discord channel.

“Crazy Taxi 3 High Roller 4K Gameplay Graphics Mod Textures Pack! In this video, I bring you a Reimagined Version of Crazy Taxi, by using Ray Tracing filters, as well as upscaled textures using AI, which significantly improves the graphics! Crazy Taxi is a very iconic game, becoming the third-most selling Dreamcast title ever! Special thanks to Stashymane and Cydhra for helping out in the textures research work! The textures were upscaled using the ESRGAN program, and were upscaled x4 their original size. Classic Games with RTX is a series where I will be showcasing my personal favourite games that I think deserve remakes using Next-Gen Graphics. Not only will I be exploring the game, but I will be trying to bring the remake we all hope for to life!” – YouTube

Peter Donnell

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