Crowd funded mini-ITX CASE spotted in Indiegogo

/ 5 years ago

Two members of the HardOCP forum’s “Wahaha360” and “Necere” recently posted a thread, but this time they were showing off the design of a mini-ITX case.

The guys teamed up to make an ideal case after months of work being put together by HardOCP and LianLi engineers who are behind the manufacturing of these. The case is named: NCase M1.

The specs are not yet finalized, but as of now, it’s a 12.59 litre box with dimensions of 160 x 328 x 240mm. The case can support standard ATX power supplies and the M1 can let you mount triple-mount graphics card up to 12.5″ long.

The team needs to raise $3,000 via Indiegogo (already raised $2,545 at the time of writing) with 27 days left. The reason why they need funding is because they need to pay for 2x M1 prototypes from Lian Li, plus the cost of import duty, processing fees, air shipping, insurance and testing equipment.

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These are the specs as of now:


NCASE M1 Technical Specifications
Dimensions240mm x 160mm x 328mm (250mm tall w/feet), 12.6L
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX, Mini-DTX
Expansion Slots3
GPU Support12.5” (slot 1 & 2) or 11” (slot 3)
CPU Cooler SupportUp to 105mm tall; 120mm and 240mm radiators also supported
Drive Support3 x 3.5” HDD mounts3 x 2.5” drive mounts1 x slim slot-load optical drive mount
Power Supply SupportSFX or ATX (up to 140mm non-modular, or longer w/short GPU)
Fan Support2 x 120mm side & bottom mounts; 80/92mm bottom & rear mounts
Front Ports2x USB 3.0, headphone and microphone

*Specifications are preliminary and may change.

The guys behind NCASE have a reddit thread  for those who want to ask any questions!

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2 Responses to “Crowd funded mini-ITX CASE spotted in Indiegogo”
  1. Peter says:

    I would love them to make it just a bit bigger to fit m-ATX boards. I would be just one more PCI slot dammit.

    • jkl84 says:

      There is at least one FM2+ mATX MoBo from Gigabyte that will fit nicely there….actually might be two from Gigabyte and another from ASUS.

      …and i’m sure hat if you want to fit a LGA15xx based MoBo , i’m sure those two companies make MoBos with correct size ( i simply didn’t check it because what i want is much smaller ).

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