Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR3 1866MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

/ 5 years ago

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There are few companies in the market with product lines that have been going for a number of years, naturally with developments and a succession of models all worthy of that name. Crucial is one such company and when we mention the Ballistix line of memory, a large number of us can think back to a few years ago in the age of DDR2 memory, when in my mind, the Ballistix range of memory was some of the best out there.

Coming forward a few years to where we are now, the Ballistix range has spread out a little, with individual lines that have their specific audiences and targets. Alongside the Tactical line, from which this kit if from, aimed at the main-stream gamers and performance enthusiasts, we also have the Tracer line with its distinct LED lights and monitoring capabilities, Elite geared for the extreme enthusiasts and finally the Sport range which caters for the mainstream user.

Back at the start of last year we took a look at the Ballistix Tracer kit and loved it, with it receiving our Gold award at the time. Whilst the Tactical kit isn’t new, what we have to take into consideration is that there are many kits on the market and as I’ve mentioned before, we want to sift out the good from the not-so good and to also do this at various price points. In relation to today’s high end kits, the Tactical kits are now relatively cheap and inexpensive to pick up.

Taking the cheap price in consideration, is it worth saving the pounds and getting what is effectively a generation old kit, or should we be constantly be looking to get the new age fresh out of high school kits for our systems?

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