Datamining Reveals All Missions & Map Names in Doom Reboot

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Doom Reboot

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about iD Software’s upcoming DOOM reboot, and it definitely looks like other gamer’s are on the same page judging by how much attention the title is receiving lately. After the alpha version of DOOM was leaked online, the gaming community has managed to figure out exactly how many single-player missions will be included as well as the map names. At the time of writing, we know that DOOM will offer a total of 17 missions, but since this information is based on the game’s alpha version, the developers could always add more maps before releasing the final product. I personally hope that they’ll make it an even 20.

Furthermore, the developers have stated on the official Twitter account for the game that the single-player missions will require about 13 hours in order to be complete, which is still quite a bit of gaming time considering that other similar titles need about 11 hours on average for the main story.

Below you will find the names of the 17 missions that we mentioned before.

  • argent_tower.
  • bfg_division.
  • blood_keep.
  • blood_keep_b.
  • electro_tower.
  • genesis_surface.
  • hangar.
  • intro.
  • lazarus.
  • olympia_engineering.
  • olympia_shipyard.
  • olympia_surface_west.
  • polar_core.
  • resource_ops.
  • resource_ops_foundry.
  • surface.
  • titan.

Will you be picking up DOOM after its official release on May 13?

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