DDR4 Information Released by Samsung

/ 7 years ago

After the last year of yo-yo RAM prices, this price settling could mean only one thing: the new update was just around the corner.

Lo and behold: Samsung have now officially announced DDR4.
Using new POS (Pseudo Open Drain technology, if you hadn’t guessed ;)), the ram uses significantly less power (1.2v against DDR3’s 1.6 and DDR2’s 1.8), and frequency/speeds ranging from 1600 to 3200 MHz.

Samsung’s 30nm prototype is rated at 2133 MHz, a powerful introduction speed, matching the current fastest DDR3’s speed, the Kingston HyperX.

One of the problems that DDR3 faced when it launched was the comparative speed against cheaper DDR2; with a launchdate set for 2012, hopefully Samsung has time to ready some obscenely fast chips to blow its predecessors into last year. The reduced voltage will certain win friends in the notebook, netbook and tablet markets.

Now if we could just see the pricelist…

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