Dead Body Found in Conference Room at Apple’s Cupertino Campus

/ 2 years ago

Dead Body Found in Conference Room at Apple's Cupertino Campus

An investigation has been launched by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office after a dead body had been found in one of the conference rooms of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters according to a local news report. The body was discovered by sheriff deputies following a callout they received at 8:35 AM local time to 1 Infinite Loop regarding a possible suicide. No comments have been released by the sheriff’s office regarding the cause of death or state the body was found in and the county coroner has been placed in charge of the investigation and will release more information once it is complete. Currently, the only known facts about the deceased are that they are a male who worked for Apple.

Audio found from the dispatch sent to the Santa Clara County Sheriff at 8:38 AM indicates that a female employee had been escorted out of the campus building by security earlier that morning and that she had sustained a head injury that was suspected to be from a gun. The dispatch also mentioned later mentions a body that had been discovered in a conference room with a gun also found nearby, however, there is no mention of just how the woman or the gun are related to the death.

Sgt. Andrea Urena with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference on Wednesday morning, assuring that “Through further investigation, they determined there were no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident. There was no one else on campus or in the public at risk.” She refused to elaborate on any of the major facts of the case such as the dispatch audio and did not comment on whether it was believed that the incident stemmed from a work-related dispute. Apple is yet to release a statement about the incident.

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