DeepCool AK620 WH High-Performance Air CPU Cooler Review


The installation manual for the DeepCool AK620 WH is rather basic both in terms of its quality and presentation. Fortunately though, while there is a pretty huge lack of written instructions (which does tend to solve localisation problems) the diagrams are, on the whole, pretty clear as to what you have to do.

Additionally, DeepCool has also created an installation methodology video which, although not necessary as the manual is decent enough, should clearly help those of you who are struggling with some of the more technical points.


One small grumble I do have is regarding the splitter cable for the fans. Let me make it abundantly clear to start with though that I’m very grateful that DeepCool actually provides you with one. It is a huge bug bearer of mine when you get twin-fan designs that seem to automatically presume you have 2 spare PWM ports for your cooler when not all motherboards do! – With it being black though, it does kind of spoil the overall aesthetic of the white presentation of the DeepCool AK620 WH.

A smart user will, however, clearly be able to overcome this by ‘hiding’ things, in terms of cable management, around the back of the case. I see no reason why the white fan cables can’t be fed behind (and out of sight) to ensure that this splitter won’t spoil anything visually. I do just kind of wish that the splitter was white to match, but overall, I think I’m happier just to see one actually included!

The mounting system for the DeepCool AK620 WH is quite a standard design and anyone even mildly familiar with coolers should almost find this pretty intuitive. It’s easily accessible for both beginners or experienced hands and, on the whole, doesn’t seem to have any overall flaws or pitfalls that could potentially lead to errors.

It’s basic, but it works, and I approve!

As you may have noted earlier in this review, the DeepCool AK620 WH does come with a screwdriver accessory which, I’ll freely concede, often makes me a little worried that the installation aspect might be a little tricky in places. When you have big radiator stacks like this, it can sometimes be difficult to access the screw at the base making installation a bit troublesome.

While the tool provided by DeepCool is more than suitable for the task, however, its height only just barely makes it functional. The screwdriver only sits about 1.5cm above the radiator stack meaning that you can’t really get a nice solid grip on it for smooth turning. Put simply, while I’m grateful that DeepCool provides you with one, I think you’ll be generally happier using one of your own if you have something that can fit into the gap.

Overall Thoughts

We said earlier in the review that the DeepCool AK620 WH was certainly looking to tick a lot of boxes, and so far, it’s looking to be an excellent CPU cooler. It has a nice bright aesthetic, build quality is strong, and there’s no Achilles heel to be found in its installation. So far, things are looking excellent.

How will it perform in terms of CPU temperatures and acoustic control though? Will it perform as well as it looks? Well, let’s find out!

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Mike Sanders

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