Delta’s iPad App Now Allows Movie and TV Show Streaming during Flights

/ 3 years ago

Passengers inflight in economy class

Passengers aboard Delta airline flights are now able to stream movies and TV shows to their chosen device via Delta’s own app. I guess things have changed since the last time I was on a flight anywhere, I was always told to turn everything off until the plane was to the right altitude and the seat belt sign turned off. Anyway, last year the FAA changed its rules on personal electronic devices allowing them to be used on all stages of the flight. Handy for when there are kids who have no idea how to turn any of the settings off.

In flight streaming has been on trial for a while now, starting on Qantas Airlines back in 2011, followed by Hawaiian Airlines almost a year ago and now it’s standard service aboard United Airlines since may this year. So much for turning off everything huh? Well I guess IOS and Android can get rid of their Airplane modes, won’t be needing them, ever.

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The app itself allows passengers to stream other stuff too, flight paths, destination guides, the ability to book more flights whilst you’re on a flight. (MADNESS) iPads are becoming a bigger part of the way we “communicate” and complete tasks. American Airlines has scrapped all paperwork that pilots use and has moved it all onto iPads, this change was approved by the FAA back in 2011.

Thanks to 9to5mac for supplying us with this information.

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