Diablo 2 Speedrun Completed Without a Single Hack or Slash

/ 8 months ago

A speedrunner has completed Diablo 2 in just under 8 hours without killing a single enemy. How you ask?… well it kind of depends on your definition of kill.

Speedrunner DrCliche has completed a speed run of Diablo 2 using what is known as the ‘pacifist’ challenge. In this mode, you simply can not do a single, hack, slash or spell in anger. I can hear the confusion already so allow me to explain. Although you are not allowed to ‘kill’ in a pacifist run, you are allowed to wear defensive equipment or cast defensive spells, therefore beasts, creatures and even Diablo himself will die simply by attacking you, all you have to do is make sure you don’t run out of heal.

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DrCliche completed the speed run in just under 8 hours which included all 4 acts and the 5th act expansion pack.

Given that Diablo 2 is over 15 years old, it still has a very active community and Blizzard even issued a new patch for Diablo 2 only last month.

This announcement comes just days after we reported a similarly fantastic speed running achievement by “The Mexican Runner” who recently speed run and completed every licensed NES game.

The infamous Diablo 2 ‘Cow Level’.

Whilst we doubt that the pacifist tactic would last you long in the Cow Kingdom, you do have to salute the effect required to achieve such a seemingly unlikely feat.


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