Did the New GTA V Update Downgrade its Graphics?

/ 2 years ago

gta v graphics comparison

It seems that the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V – version 1.08 – has forced a graphical downgrade, according to a video analysis by YouTube user ElAnalistaDeBits, which translates from Spanish as “the analyst of bits”.

ElAnalistaDeBits re-installed the vanilla version of the game and recorded the differences between that and the 1.08 version. The results do seem to suggest that GTA V’s graphics have gotten a little worse with the update, especially concerning vehicle collisions.

The video shows worse anisotropic filtering, worse parallax occlusion mapping, worse draw distance, a downgrade in the vehicle damage system, and increased texture pop-in.

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Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the accusation, though it is unlikely for a game developer to admit to making its game worse. Was the decision a trade-off to add the new online heist content? In the meantime, ElAnalistaDeBits is pressing for an explanation with the #FIXGTAV hashtag.

Cue “PC master race” comments in 3 – 2 – 1…

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6 Responses to “Did the New GTA V Update Downgrade its Graphics?”
  1. フィリップ オルソン says:

    console peasant troubles.

  2. mojo says:

    I fail to see where this would be a problem; it shouldn’t take long for the modding community to…


  3. phreeon says:

    All the more reason for them to just hurry up and release it for PC. Whatever screw ups are made, the modding community will fix. Just like Bethesda games.

  4. Futilizer says:

    Well to be honest the downgrade looks like it made it run a lot smoother. I’d rather have a sacrifice in graphics to make it run faster than shitty fps with beautiful graphics.

  5. Zak Feasey says:

    I use both console and PC, though I don’t own GTA V console players aren’t peasants xD I get that PC’s are better in general for hardware and capabilities, but I enjoy console too 🙂 I only really use PC (and trust me, this is the majority of my game time so I do love PC) for playing mo games, whether its MMORPG or MOBA or something. For other things like Tomb Raider, Guitar Hero etc. I much rather play on console. If I was to get GTA V it’d probably be on console too, it’s just the type of game that I think suits consoles better. Although peripherals play a part in it (and I understand controllers can be used on PC), maybe its just my set up. 24″ screens compared to a 50″, a small cramped space (though I have a good gaming chair), compared to relaxed on a sofa console gaming has it’s pluses. I can’t lie down on a sofa on my PC

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