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Disney Launches ‘Magic Moments’ for Families in Self-Isolation

If you have kids, then the chances are that following concerns surround COVID-19, you’ve probably got them at home at the moment. As such, you’re probably either pulling your hair out or, at the very least, are running out of solid means of entertainment. Well, the good news is, Disney has come to your rescue!

In launching their new ‘Magic Moments’ website, Disney has provided families with loads of activities and entertainment for children of all ages! If you are, therefore, running out of ideas, you might want to check this out. I promise you, it’s pretty awesome!

Disney ‘Magic Moments’

Through the website, there are literally loads of things there to help keep the whole family entertained as well as plenty of ideas to keep the kids busy! Some of the content available includes;

  • Bedtime story videos (read by various celebrities)
  • Music videos
  • Virtual rides and even an up-close look at a Disney parade!
  • Drawing and art activities
  • Fitness videos (Dance along to Disney musicals)

Better still, with it available for free, accessing all of this (honestly very excellent) content won’t cost you a penny!

What Do We Think?

The website is truly excellent and if you are looking for a means of giving your kids some entertainment (or participating in one of their music-themed workouts) you can check it out via the link here!

With all this, and even more content on the way, Disney gets a huge thumbs up from me!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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