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Disney Streaming Platform Will Include The Entire Film Library

Disney Plus Will Include Entire Film Library

At some point this year, Disney is expected to launch their own subscription based streaming service. Exactly what this will entail (or more accurately) include has, to date, been something of a mystery.

Disney has, however, been working hard to acquire franchises over recent years and as such, when it does launch, it will undoubtedly be very tempting to some.

In a report via Polygon, however, Disney has confirmed one of the biggest questions surrounding the platform. Namely, that it will include their entire film library including both live-action and animation.

Why Is This Good?

Watching Disney films isn’t as straight forward as you might think. For example, the company often only runs ‘limited prints’ of films. Once the DVDs have sold out, they’re gone! – While this hasn’t proven to be too much of a problem with more recent releases, it can be tricky if you’re trying to watch one of the ‘classics’ from even as recently as the 1990’s.

As such, making the entire library available on demand is a smart decision and one that was perhaps not as obvious or clear as you might have thought.

Can It Compete With Netflix?

I suppose this is the major question. After all, Disney isn’t the only company looking to launch their own streaming platform this year and they’ll ALL be looking to take a slice away from Netflix’s empire.

The only matter of some interest is the wording Disney has chosen. Presumably, the release of “the entire Disney motion picture library” will, as a contradiction, omit one release. Namely the racially insensitive ‘Song of the South’ which has been effectively banned by the company since the 90’s. In addition, what about ‘White Wilderness’ where the house of mouse literally threw lemmings off cliffs!

So, lets be clear here Disney? Does “entire” really mean entire?…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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