Dogs Of War Online Open Beta This Weekend

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Dogs of War Online entered into a closed beta phase a week ago, but Cyanide wants you to give their servers a work out and will be opening up the game to everyone from October 18th (today) until Monday October 21st so they can perform server stress testing.

The stress test will be available from Steam (source link) beginning at 1900 CET (10 AM PST).

In the game players can choose from three factions and enter various battlefields using different modes of play. The game is free-to-play so you don’t have to buy anything, and here are the features:

  • Create your own company of mercenaries from three playable factions: Light, Darkness and Destiny.
  • Each unit has its own scalable characteristics and skills, allowing you to refine your strategies from battle to battle.
  • Enjoy a free game based on the Free-To-Play model with over 24 customizable units to be acquired and regular updates with new characters.
  • Fight your enemies in various game modes such as the classic « Team Deathmatch » or « Kill the commander »
  • Use wisely a large variety of tactical orders to crush your opponent.
  • Send your warriors on mission and make your Fortune via an innovative system of quests!
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The game is still set for a release sometime this fall.

Thank you NextPowerUp for providing us with this information.

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