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Doom II Mod Turns Punch-Out into First Person Mode!

Of all the modding communities there are out there, and there is a lot of them, you could easily make that the claim that Doom has one of the busiest user bases around. I mean, barely a week goes by without some great (or absolutely wacky) project being revealed. For example, only earlier this month we saw a mod that looked to combine elements from Doom and Metal Gear Solid.

Well, with the release of a new mod pack, this truly looks to be (yet again) another mash-up made in heaven! Yes, a Doom II mod has been released by user “via the link here!” who has found a way to turn Punch-Out into, effectively, a first-person shooter (or should that be puncher?).

Doom Punch-Out Mod!

While you might initially think that this is a very basic mod just replicating a few ‘fighters’ from Punch-Out, it’s actually far more detailed than that. The mod is, effectively, a whole game, with plot elements and boss progression, that pretty much uses the vast majority of assets from both Doom II and Punch-Out in very creative ways.

If you want to see this mod in action, you can check out the video below!

Where Can I Try It?

Having seen the video, you probably want to give this a try yourself. We’ll admit, it does look really awesome. You can, therefore, download this “Punch-Out Doom” mod pack via the link here!

Just bear in mind that this isn’t a stand-alone game and you will need a copy of Doom II for it to work. Presuming you don’t yet have that, well, this is (maybe) all the excuse you needed to finally get your copy!

What do you think? Are you impressed with this Punch-Out/Doom mash-up? What’s the best modding pack you’ve ever encountered? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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