DualShock 4 To Be Windows Compatible

/ 4 years ago


Lets keep in mind that the Dual Shock 3 is in fact Windows compatible, it doesn’t work perfectly and you don’t really get the Six-Axis features without 3rd party software, but it does work. However, now we hear from the Sony big man himself, Shuhei Yoshida, that the new DualShock 4 will be windows compatible at launch also.

Unfortunately only the buttons and joysticks will work, with features such as the touch pad being off limits. As with the Dual Shock 3 of course I would expect the modding community to create a work around for this pretty darn quick and it shouldn’t be long before you’re able to tap all the power of the controller for your favourite PC game.

Sure many of us love keyboard and mouse for PC gaming, but personally I love using my Xbox controller to kick back and play on the big screen, the more controllers I have at my disposal, the better.

Thank you GeekyGadgets for providing us with this information.

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