Dyson Develops LED Light That Will Last 40 Years

/ 3 years ago

Dyson Aerial

Are you sick of replacing the lightbulbs in your home multiple times a year? Well, the accepted planned obsolescence of lightbulbs may become a thing of the past.  Jake Dyson, son of the inventor of the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner and the Dyson Airblade hand-dryer, has developed a revolutionary new LED light that will last for 40 years (12 hours a day use).

The lamp unit, called Aerial, will retail for around £1,400 ($2,000) upon release in May. While the price may appear steep, if you calculate the false economy of buying conventional lightbulbs over a 40 year period, the Aerial wins out.

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Dyson reveals that the secret behind the Aerial’s longevity – 180,000 hours of use, at full brightness – is a sophisticated temperature control system; its heat sinks keep the bulb at a moderate 55 degrees Celsius, or lower.

Source: BGR

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9 Responses to “Dyson Develops LED Light That Will Last 40 Years”
  1. LED light bulb lasts around a year or 2,so yeah…

    • markyparky56 says:

      So this would be 2000% better?

      • Xavier Isaacson says:

        No, he means this thing will only be a viable replacement for the old incandescent light bulbs which do, on average, require changing multiple times a year. Most LED bulbs, or the current generation of long life energy saving bulbs, will easily last 18 months to 2 years and end up costing a lot less to replace at those rates than this fancy new light bulb will with its £1400 price tag.

        • Thank you for saving my typing energy xD

        • Ian Stephenson says:

          I have old incandescent bulbs still in use from when I moved in 10 years ago, those that have died have been replaced once with CCFs (though there may be one fitting that has gone through 2 bulbs) so I am not convinced it would be cost effective even at £140 for 40 years.

  2. Stanislav Sukiasov says:

    so 2k $ for a hyper 212 mounted on your lightbulb…

  3. ZomBie says:

    sooo, I buy a new CPU and use the stock cooler that comes with it to cool a lightbulb.
    Costs me a new CPU (let’s say $100) and I cool a lightbulb with it.
    Saves me $1900.
    3. PROFIT

  4. Shane Edwards says:

    sophisticated temperature control system… a heatsink found on any GPU now days?

  5. Alberto Godlikeandilovekate Ba says:

    Man Use sun, Sun is free. Caveman also use fire and wax of fire bearing

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