E-BLUE Unveils SCION-32 Hybrid Tower Monitor PC at CES 2017

/ 11 months ago

E-BLUE Unveils SCION-32 Hybrid Tower Monitor PC at CES 2017

Throughout CES, it’s not uncommon to encounter some weird and wacky designs which aim to capture the public’s imagination. One particular product which caught my eye was the E-BLUE SCION-32, dubbed the world’s first metal crafted hybrid tower monitor. The 32-inch monitor has a resolution of 2560×1440 with LED illumination embedded into the feet and sides to create a rather spectacular effect. Of course, it’s not just a monitor and the unit has an efficient 450-watt power supply as well as support for both Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX motherboards. Not only that, it’s possible to install up to two SSDs/HDDs and take advantage of three USB ports.

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The entire product measures a whopping 790 mm x 220 mm x 530 mm (LXDXH) and weighs a mammoth 17.2KG. On another note, the 3D Engine cooling solution revolves around dual 1500 RPM fans and large vents which export air from the main chassis chamber. According to E-Blue, the machine has a durable damper bearing which allows for flexible angle adjustment. Additionally, the cable-free design should appeal to some users who want an imposing all-in-one PC for eSports gaming.


Even though I’m not the product’s target market, it’s an interesting concoction and looks well made. What do you think of E-BLUE’s new all-in-one PC?

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