EA kills the “Free Battlefield 3 for Mass Effect 3 Pre Orders” Promotion

/ 6 years ago

On February the 14th Electronic Arts and Origin decided they would introduce a new promotion where people who pre-ordered copies of Mass Effect 3 on Origin would also get a free copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin. There were a few catches: only available in North America, cannot be combined with any other offers, PC platform only but for gamers who didn’t already own Battlefield 3 it was a very good deal. EA had stated the deal would run until March the 5th but for unknown reasons EA terminated the deal at 12:05am on March the 17th by posting:

“The pre-order Mass Effect 3 get a bonus copy of Battlefield 3 is over. All pre-orders made during the deal will receive a code by Mar. 8th.”

In this tweet.

It is rather disappointing news for customers who were hoping to get on to this deal but for those who did manage to order before that time you will still get your code by email by March the 8th. Although, it seems strange to promise a copy of Battlefield 3 on the date which Mass Effect 3 is release when surely fans will be too busy playing Mass Effect 3 to bother with Battlefield 3. The strangest part of this all by far is the fact EA pulled the plug on a 3 week deal just 2 days in.

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