EA To Rake In Over $1 Billion From DLC and Add-Ons This Year

/ 3 years ago


The story with EA and DLC is one familiar to gamers on all platforms:

1) EA make and release a game

2) They add new content and features, that probably should have been in the base game to start with, as DLC or Add-Ons

3) They then charge extortionate prices for these DLC and add-ons.


Well they literally are making a fortune because according to a Bloomberg report EA expects to generate $1 billion from DLC sales this year. EA expects that the majority of its DLC and add-on revenue will come from its EA Sports division, for example Madden NFL 15 on its own will generate $350 million from cover charge and DLC content for this year. Other add-on content for the EA Sports franchise is also doing very well such as their Ultimate Team modes for the FIFA series.

The key for EA is that people are not just playing games all year round, they are spending money on EA sports games all year round: even if those games are not new.

Source: Bloomberg, Via: Softpedia

Image courtesy of PlayStationLifestyle.net

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2 Responses to “EA To Rake In Over $1 Billion From DLC and Add-Ons This Year”
  1. Wayne says:

    Screw EA. We all know they do this but yet a lot of people don’t seem to care about being robbed by this dodgy company. EA will only stop this crap when people come to their senses and put their foot down and refuse to pay their extortionist prices. All publishers do this to an extent but they’re not as arrogant and brash as these chumps.
    I’ll be stuffed if I ever buy another EA game.

  2. Mike Laste says:

    I’m with you on “Screw EA”. Seriously abusive to it’s VERY dedicated fan base. I’ve called many times for a Boycott and I do not purchase EA games any longer. I don’t know if they can gain my respect back… Maybe some of my money on wasted games would help.

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