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EA Reveals New & Improved FIFA 21 Career Mode Details

I’ve long been a fan of the FIFA football franchise, but I’ll admit that the more recent releases from the franchise (as a whole) have been a little too overly familiar for their own good. While the online versions of the game have remained largely popular, I am one of the (seemingly few) people who don’t actually like it (FUT, etc.). Well, more accurately, I acknowledge that the game mode isn’t good for me, my sanity, or the health (and physical stability) of my controller.

For those of us who do prefer the offline ‘career’ mode, however, it’s hard to argue that this aspect of the game has largely remained hideously stagnant (and recycled) for at least the last 6 releases. Well, following the release of a new trailer, the good news is that FIFA 21 is set to significantly overhaul the career game mode. Is it just me though, or are they taking more than a little inspiration from ‘Football Manager’?

FIFA 21 – Career Mode

Offering a lot of new and far more in-depth management features, the biggest elephant in the room is the ‘simulation’ game mode which has (pretty clearly) ripped off the interface style used in Football Manager. With it giving you the option to hop in and out, however, the good news is that if you don’t want to play all 38 games in a season, but still want to be able to have a physical hand in influencing results, you can!

Yes, you can choose to literally dip in for the key moments, but otherwise let the game run its course.

Will It Make FIFA 21 Worth Getting?

As someone who has played the last 6-7 FIFA releases solely on the PC, I must admit to being more than a little disappointed (well, angry) that the latest PC release will be based on the current-gen consoles rather than including the improvements coming in the next-gen system releases. As such, for the first time in a while, I was considering giving this one a miss.

With the new career mode, however, this has certainly made it a lot more tricky. As above, for everything offered in Fifa, this is by far and away the one mode I spend my vast amount of time in and, with this reveal, while I still haven’t 100% made my mind up, this has definitely given me something to think about!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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