Earjax Bump Earphones

/ 7 years ago

Today for review I’ve got a nice set of earbuds from a company called Earjax. The earbuds are called the Bump, and with a name like that you’d expect good bass and that’s what you’ll get. The Bump are nicely made and are very comfortable to wear, but the best part is that they’re inexpensive.

Source: Bona Fide Reviews

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2 Responses to “Earjax Bump Earphones”
  1. theothersun says:

    Earphones for $50!? How is that inexpensive?? xD

  2. abullo says:

    theothersun;14282 wrote: Earphones for $50!? How is that inexpensive?? xD

    in sound you get what you pay for. Not all the time but most of the time you pay for quality. Never buy expensive bose products which you pay for the name and not for quality.

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