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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review – 50% off Now


We’ve all been there, we’ve gone and done something stupid and forgetful, resulting in the deletion of some important bit of software, a save game, a memorable photo, or your stash of “material” in a folder marked “not what you think”. It happens, and while there are software suites out there, finding one that isn’t just shovelware spam of some kind can be a nightmare. That’s where EaseUS comes into play.

The Software

I know, you all love your 4K benchmarks and fancy reviews, but EaseUS reached out to us to test this software, and I’m glad they did as it’s pleasantly easy to install and use; I can say a lot worse about some of the recovery software I’ve used in the past.

Overall, it took just a couple of minutes to download and install the free trial of the software. Now, we were provided with a Pro key, which certainly helped. However, the free version is good for recovering up to 2GB of data. That’s not a lot, but if you’re just finding a few missing pictures, that could be a lifesaver. For bigger jobs, however, you’ll want to upgrade to the pro version.

The Interface

It’s very simple to use, with next to no customisation options to work out. It shows all available drives on your system. This includes any peripheral devices such as mobile phones, USB drives, memory cards, external HDDs, etc. Simply select the drive you wish to search for recoverable files. If you know where they were, you can specify a single folder to speed up the search too; the choice is yours.

Once you start the search, it shows you how many files it has found, as well as an estimated time how long the search should take to complete.

Admittedly, my drive is in pretty good order, so the search was actually done in just a few minutes. However, it still found a whopping 207.56 GB of recoverable data. Most of which is from a few games I uninstalled last night, so that didn’t matter. However, it even found the photos I had cleared from my recycle bin. Clearly, the system works. There’s no guarantee it CAN recover all files, some files really are gone if they get over written, but it’s the last bastion of hope for those in a pinch.


Simply tick the drive, folder, or single files that you want to recover and click the recover button. It’ll advise you that saving them to another drive could increase the chance of a full data recovery. I didn’t opt for that, and my files were fine, but it was just a few small images.

Once it’s done, it’ll notify you of where the files have been saved. Furthermore, it’ll open up that folder for you, so you can see them in the saved folder. If that doesn’t work, you’ll get an error message and can try export them to another drive.


One thing I do like about their software is that there is a free trial. Not only do you have a free trial that can be used to recover up to 2GB of data for anyone, but also for their more premium packages to see if they fit your needs. You can get a free trial on Pro, Pro + WinPE, and their Technician edition. Which one suits your needs, I can’t tell you. However, for home users, the Pro version should be more than enough. Beyond that, the price of the software is fairly reasonable, starting at £59.99 (£71.99/$83.94 inc VAT) for the Pro version. The WinPE Edition is £79.99 (£95.99/$119.88 inc VAT), while the Technician one is a yearly subscription model.

Special Offer

We want to say thank you to EaseUS for providing us with a special 50% off offer for our Windows readers. Using this link, you can pick up a copy of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 12.9.1 for just £34.99 (£41.99/$53.96 inc VAT).If you are Mac users , you can use the following link to get it at 50% off too.

Peter Donnell

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