ECS Elitegroup Z77H2-AX Golden Board (Z77) Motherboard Review

/ 5 years ago

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ECS are a brand that we don’t hear much from in the UK, but they are around, and every so often we hear about a product coming out that is something a little bit special and Z77 was a prime opportunity for them to release a gold plated motherboard, known as the Z77H2-AX.

The Z77H2-AX features as part of the Black Extreme Golden range, and what a fitting name this board has considering its not so subtle styling. Not only will you find golden heatsinks, but also a golden CPU socket and pins to match and this all relates to the build quality that goes on behind this board and others in its range.

The Golden Board series involve extreme testing under extreme circumstances including high temperatures and extensive military-grade testing in conjunction with the gold plated aspects of the board to give a longer life expectancy and to improve performance and stability.

This board certainly has a very unique market to appeal to and one that we are quite interested to see the size of the growth behind as we can’t honestly see consumers rushing to the shops to purchase a board that looks only fine enough for the Sultan of Brunei and Bill Gates.

The Golden Board series revolves around the Gold 4Ever stance with includes giving golden quality, stability, cooling and royalty meaning that we should see some fantastic results here today; at least in theory.

As always, we will take a look at the package on offer and any included added extras, before we take a look at the board itself, but be warned, as you may need sunglasses. After this we will take this board through our usual benchmarking suite of applications and also see how far our i7 3770k Ivy Bridge processor can be pushed by overclocking.

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4 Responses to “ECS Elitegroup Z77H2-AX Golden Board (Z77) Motherboard Review”
  1. I think you were way too nice. You can gold-plate a turd but it'll still be a turd.

  2. Waynerichter says:

    I don't know. It should have some appeal in the Indian market with that colour scheme.

  3. Razor says:

    Yes, to Hindus shall it will be pleasant! At them only started to build toilets and they after all didn't hear such words as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte or Asrock… It is easily simple to deliver many expensive components, but only time will show as far as everything stablly works, and as affairs with compatibility are really)

  4. johndoe says:

    Well… for starters this board isn't a "turd". IDK about Andy's experience but according to Dave over TPU this is pretty much the best clocking Ivy board he's had his hand on. Not to mention that it looks nice.

    As for it's stability, the build quality of this board is solid so it's not like the board will turn to shit after a year of usage. ECS has gone a long way from their old days. Look at the P67-H2, it's a great mid-range Sandy board.

    Though, price-wise, this board is competing with the Z77 WS which is easily a better board than this one. So there isn't much point in buying into it.

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