ECS Unveil Skylake Motherboards @ Computex 2015

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Computex 2015 – ECS offered a more in-depth look at what the company had to offer in terms of enthusiast grade motherboards after the event yesterday. These include the forceful brand names of Claymore and Blade series motherboards.

These will support the newest Skylake processors and DDR4 RAM, but what has been kept in the quiet is Realteks’s new DRAGON ethernet. I assume this is a gaming ethernet connection to directly rival the Killer ethernet series. The motherboards are in an unfinished state so we can take a look at all of the features without heatsinks getting in the way. Expansion connectivity is impressive, both featuring the new USB 3.1 and M.2 ports which we have come to love as a feature on enthusiast motherboards lately.

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Along with these two new motherboards, they have also presented the current Z97 Machine and Drone motherboards. We’ve recently had the Z97I-Drone in for review and it was an impressive motherboard.











We look forward to the release of Intel Skylake processors so we can fully test these new Z170 motherboards. We will keep you updated with any news and events from the rest of Computex 2015.

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