EK Release Full-Cover GTX Titan waterblock

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Their is a big problem when an extravagant, shiny, new graphics card embraces the market,  and that is the fact that it generally speaking is quite boring in terms of the cooler that is strapped on it. Nvidia however have managed to shake things up a bit with the sexy looking GTX Titan and the performance has already proven to be a winner, but some people may want to take things a step further and turn to custom cooling solutions for a variety of reasons including cooling performance, or so they can push the 3D performance even further by managing the temperatures better.

The new Titan graphics card is deemed as the most powerful single-core based graphics card on the planet and sales have already shocked retailers, especially with its high price-point, and while this is aimed at a niche market, some of the extreme cooling solutions are too.

Among extreme and custom cooling, we find the ever expanding world of watercooling and leading manufacturer EK are the first to have stepped up to the mark by launching a full-cover waterblock called the EK-FC Titan making them the world’s first to tackle this head-on and in quite a timely fashion too.


The waterblock’s full cover is designed to provide cooling to the GPU, VRMs and memory and features a high-flow design meaning that if coupled with a low-lift pump, the user should see some great performance compared to the stock solution.


It can also be used in conjunction with the EK-FC terminal system among others meaning that a total of four cards featuring these waterblocks can be used at one time on a standard ATX form factor motherboard. This is highly dependant that you have a separate bank account to your partner, as we’re talking mega bucks for the cards and blocks together. That is without even factoring in the price of the pump, tubing and fittings that you’ll need as well.


For those who do have money to burn, it’s worth noting that EK are releasing a couple of different models with a copper version and a nickel plated version and will be priced at 89.95 Euros or 99.95 Euros respectively with an availability date of March 4th 2013. Purchases can be made through either the EK webshop or their retail partners.

Images via EKWB

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