Elon Musk Teases £20,000 Tesla in Around 3 Years Time

Owning a Tesla is certainly one of the biggest fashion statements you can currently make in terms of car ownership. Put simply though, they ain’t cheap! With even the most basic models costing at least £35,000, while they look good and are certainly capable of being pretty quick, it’s not exactly a car that everyone can afford to own.

Speaking at the companies ‘Battery Day’ event, however, Elon Musk has dropped a pretty huge hint that a budget-focused Tesla (reportedly set to cost around £20,000) will be ready to hit the market around 2023-2024.

Elon Musk Teases £20,000 Tesla

Largely using the event to discuss huge improvements on the way to their battery technology, in a report via the BBC Elon Musk hinted that this new and improved development would lead the way for the company to release its first semi-wallet-friendly Tesla car.

Now, admittedly, Elon Musk is no stranger to hyperbole and I am somewhat reminded of when John DeLorean said the DMC12 would only cost $12,000 (a price that later ended up being nearly double that when it finally hit the market in 1981). If this is possible, however, then this could prove to be one of their biggest releases yet. Particularly when you consider that the UK is currently looking to push it’s fossil-fuel ban forward to 2030.

What Do We Think?

If Tesla can find a way to release a car for £20,000, it would undoubtedly be exceptionally popular with consumers. Well, presuming that it had a decent enough range and still carried more than a little aesthetic charm. I mean, if there was a Tesla ready to buy now for that money, I’d be working out the finance as we speak. Given that this isn’t set to likely release until at least 2023, however, it looks like I’ll be keeping onto my current car for a little longer yet! – Let’s hope that Elon can find a way to deliver on this moderate tease though!

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Mike Sanders

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