Enermax 2.5 and 3.5-Inch Mobile Drive Rack Roundup Review

/ 3 years ago

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Final Thoughts


The Enermax enclosures won’t cost you much. The EMK3101 can be had for £26.06 at Amazon UK, $29.99 in the US at Amazon or NewEgg and starting from €15.84 in Germany. You can get the EMK5102 for £33.88 at Amazon UK, $39.80 at Amazon US$39.00 at NewEgg and starting from €25.85 for German readers.

The Enermax EMK5201U3 has most features and as such also comes with the highest price tag, at least in most areas. You can find it at Amazon in the UK for £39.99, Amazon and NewEgg in the US for $49.99 while German readers can find it really cheap starting at just €23.83.


Enermax has used their long experience in the PC market and come up with some really great mobile racks, all three of them. They are all the same on the base with the same great build quality as well as smart functions.

The EMK3101 and EMK5102 are two very basic mobile racks allowing you to hot swap 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives respectively while the EMK5201U3 can do both, but also comes with a power switch and USB 3.0 ports.

As mentioned, they all feature the same great functions and build-quality with the patented non-scratch and gold-plated SATA connectors for 50.000 drive insert and ejections while being compatible with both SATA3 and SAS drives. The SATA connections, and also the USB 3.0 where they exist, are direct connections and as such won’t impact your drive’s performance.

The sturdy structure, both internal and external, guarantee that the units will last a long time and work just as good years after your bought them. The front LED allows you to quickly view when the inserted drive is being accessed and when not, a simple but needed feature.


  • Good build-quality
  • Direct connections
  • Non-Scratch and Gold-plated connectors
  • One for every usage scenario


  • none

“Enermax has created a mobile rack for every usage scenario. The EMK3101, EMK5102, and EMK5201U3 are all built with solid materials and direct connections. A simple and effective way to have easy and quick access to your drives.”


Enermax 2.5 and 3.5-Inch Mobile Drive Rack Roundup Review


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  1. harry1w says:

    Where are the LEDs on the dual one?

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