Enermax Aquafusion 360mm AIO Cooler Review

A Closer Look

Unsurprisingly, the Enermax EquaFusion 360mm shares a lot of its design with the 240mm version we reviewed a few weeks ago. That’s not a bad thing though, as the 240mm was a great-looking cooler with that mirror effect ARGB pump, great quality braiding on the tubing, and even a sleeved cable for the PWM header from the pump.

The mirror effect is fantastic, it’s very clear and covers the whole top part of the pump for some cool effects. Of course, it’s hiding some infinity mirror lighting effects under the glass too, so it’ll look pretty different when we power it up.

The block is surprisingly compact, so it shouldn’t conflict with surrounding motherboard components. Plus, the copper contact plate is absolutely massive, so coverage of larger CPUs should not be an issue.

The radiator is slim, so it should be broadly compatible with most PC cases, assuming you have room to accommodate its length. it supports 3 x 120mm fans, but these can be mounted on either side of the radiator, doubling your installation options.

It’s all finished in a glossy black paint that looks nice and tidy, and there’s just a simple Enermax logo printed onto the edge of it.

There’s a very good fin density, and there and plenty of heatpipes running the length of the cooler, with six input and six output pipes ensuring even heat distribution throughout.

The fans look interesting, with a square design that helps create a seal between the radiator and the fan, ensuring a higher air pressure through the radiator, rather than the air leaking out from the sides.

The fans come with all-black cables, with a standard 5v header for the ARGB lighting, and a 4-pin PWM cable for the fan control. There are 3-to-1 cables included for both too, making cable management a heck of a lot easier.

What is interesting are the fins at the back. Rather than the usual three or four thick bars to mount the motor, Enermax uses a plethora if thin fins that will help better direct the airflow and reduce noise too. There are thick anti-vibration pads on all four corners on both sides of the fans too.

As for the installation, the cooler comes with a metal backplate, which is rare to see, as many brands use cheap plastic ones. there are Intel and AMD brackets, and all the usual screws and fittings you may require. They also included a small tube of paste, which is good for a few reinstallations too.

Finally, if you don’t have ARGB on your motherboard, there’s a handy on-cable controller you can use. I love these, as it negates the need for desktop software.

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