Enermax Aquafusion 360mm AIO Cooler Review

How Much Does it Cost?

The Enermax AquaFusion ADV 360mm AIO cooler is available now from Amazon for just £122.28. That’s obviously still a lot of money, but it’s a competitive price given that this is a high-performance 360mm radiator, with a plethora of ARGB lighting effects. There are other versions too, with a 240mm version that’s a bit cheaper and great for lower TDM CPUs, but also Enermax are one of the few brands still making 120mm versions too, which are fantastic for small form factor builds and mini-ITX systems. However, if that’s not enough, all three versions are available in white too.


Enermax have a very good cooler here, and while it’s not leading the pack in terms of acoustics, price or performance, it sort of sits in a very comfortable average when compared to rival models. It can certainly hold its own against the other big name brands, with thermal performance that is more than good enough to tame our Intel Core i9-12900K, which is famously a very hot running CPU.

Even when running our CineBench test, it was able to maintain excellent thermals, and it didn’t suffer from any unwanted throttling of the CPU. However, the fans are a little bit on the agressive side when under load. It’s nice to have all that airflow and cooling, but honestly, dial them back to a suitable level and you can strike a ballance between acoustics and performance easily enough, as it has a TDP capability of up to 330W, and few CPUs need to be cooler so agressively.

The build quality is competitive, with a good quality radiator, durable tubing, and black braided cables where appropriate. I’m not a big fan of the slightly glossy look to some of the plastics, but really, you don’t even see those bits once it’s installed in your system and the RGB is turned on. The pump is superb though, it’s Enermax’s own in-house dual-chamber design and it is whisper quiet at full speed.

Should I Buy One?

Competitive performance and some surprisingly powerful fans make this a great cooling for high-end processors. However, little details like the inclusion of a metal backplate rather than a plastic one, a compact and virtually silent pump design, and that lovely infinity mirror design really help this one stand out. I think it’s great to see a brand offer the same cooler in three sizes and two colours too, making it easy for consumers to get something that best suits their needs.

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