Enermax Display Their Latest Digifanless PSU At CES 2014

/ 4 years ago


We stopped by the Enermax suite at CES 2014 to see what new products they had on offer to the consumer market, and one thing that caught our eye was the new Platimax 1350W power supply. With enough power for even the most extreme systems, whether gaming, mining or rendering, the Platimax will certainly be man enough for the job. It offers, as the name suggests, a platinum efficiency level and a fully modular design for those worries about cable management.

While the Platimax is an extreme product, the one that really grabbed our attention was the Digifanless 550W power supply that as the name suggests is completely fanless, and therefore completely silent. The other aspect of the name gives us an insight into what the PSU can really do for us as a consumer, and that is of course because it is digital. This means that through the supplied USB connector, you can monitor the PSU’s efficiency, power draw and voltages on the rails. They had one of these units hooked up to a complete system and this was only pulling around 350W at 100% load and of course does have a platinum efficiency.


Will you end up buying one of these power supplies for your system?


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