Enermax Reveal New Air And Water Cooling Products At CES 2014

/ 4 years ago


CES 2014, this year we saw a lot of new products from Enermax as well as a few company favourites that they’re happy to display once again. Most importantly of all was their range of new cooling products that will be available throughout 2014. Starting off we have the Liqmax 120S, a budget friendly solution that comes fitted with a 120mm LED fan, very flexible and durable cooling pipes and a custom CPU block / pump combo.

Next up we have their Twister Pressure fan, a super high pressure 120mm fan which offers impressive airflow performance without being any louder, meaning you won’t need to ramp the RPM up higher to get the great performance.


Keen to show their efforts they had a competitors fan on display (obviously a Corsair fan) that you could use to spin a small windmill fan, as you can see from the spec cards the Twister Pressure has a lower RPM, lower dBA and a much higher airflow rage and static pressure, overall a very impressive fan.


For those wanting a splash of colour in the build, there are their gorgeous LED fans which come fitted with a switch, this allows you to toggle colour and lighting effects. This fan also comes in a 180mm format which can be mounted to both 180mm and 200mm fittings.

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The ETS-N30-HE features a new radiator design for improved thermal performance, fitted with a blue LED or standard black fan and looks set to be a nice low-to-mid budget solution for Enermax this year.


The Liqtech 120X and the 240 come with a great new rad and CPU block design that will bring improved cooling performance over the 2013 range of AIO Enermax water coolers.


The 240mm comes fitted with two 120mm fans as standard, but you can of course mount two more in a push-pull configuration for even better cooling performance.


This is just a quick look at what Enermax had to offer, we love the look of their new mid budget AIO water coolers, but keep an eye on eTeknix over the next few weeks when we hope to bring you detailed reviews, where we will take a much closer look at the build quality and performance of each.

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  1. Matthew Humpherson says:

    Those fans look nice. Need to wait for reviews to see how close to reality the specs are though, they are normally off by a fair bit.

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