Epic Sandbox MMORPG ‘Life Is Feudal’ Hits Indiegogo

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Beginning today, independent games developer ‘BitBox’ kicks off a crowdfunding campaign, and encourages gamers worldwide to pledge their support to their hardcore PC MMORPG, ‘Life Is Feudal’. Currently in development for the PC, this innovative and ground-breaking game challenges players to thrive and survive in a vast and immersive medieval fictional world.

I was a little sceptical about the this game until I checked out the trailer, it looks a little rough around the edges at the moment, but it is showing some incredible potential.

Aimed at MMORPG players seeking the ultimate gaming experience, ‘Life Is Feudal’ is scheduled to be available as a playable alpa by the end of 2013, while a beta release including more content and additional features is scheduled for a 2014 release, pending the outcome of the ongoing crowdfunding campaign.


first-look at the games trailer shows an impressive feature list that includes a huge seamless open world, terraforming and flexible free building.

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For the duration of the crowdfunding campaign, backers will be regularly updated on the games progress, and will receive in-depth information about its vast number of cool features such as the unique use of mini-games, its no target combat system, physics based melee and ranged combat system, in addition to the realistic player damage system, and unique formation bonus system.

I can see this game taking off in a big way over the next few months and if what we have seen in the video is only pre-alpha, we would really be in for something special. Head on over to Indiegogo and show them your support.

Thank you Life Is Feudal for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Life Is Feudal.

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