eTeknix Builds New Rendering Machine – System X

/ 6 years ago

To bring you the very best content possible, we aim to do so by a variety of mediums including articles much like this one, as well as utilising the technological age of multimedia. Armed with our trusty Sony HD camcorder, we bring you the very latest event coverage and video based reviews, but productivity is always an issue unless you have a power house machine to assist with the rendering.

Today sees eTeknix gathering components to build a new rig which will currently be named as “System X”. Consisting of an Intel X79 based setup, 16GB DDR3 2133MHz memory and the latest AMD Radeon 7950, we take a look at the typical setup for a system that will give some of the best rendering results when looking at video editing.

Remember, if you can think of a good name for this system, for us to use, then we will find you a funky prize to send out to you.


12 Responses to “eTeknix Builds New Rendering Machine – System X”
  1. In case you didn't see my comment on the YouTube page (YouTube username = penguisher), I said "I would call it "The Great Avalanche" ", thanks. Awesome build, it's a powerhouse.

  2. renderX. everything lowercase except the X.

  3. Hi Andy, this system is awesome!! Nice vid, but the Toughpower 1350w.. is a BEAST!
    My name for this "System X" is "White Furious".

  4. Keepitreal says:

    1350w for a 7950 & 2011???? Only about 600w too much then….

    And you call yourself a reviewer…..

    secondly what format do you render your videos in because I very much doubt the AMD will make that much difference, have you ever bothered looking into this?

    Seems to me you are just building a system to sell just like you always do with your fake competitions.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes 1350W for a 7950 and 2011. Did you watch the video? When i said the PSU will be changed for an Antec? Also the bit when i said about adding further graphics cards?

      I actually call myself the owner of a sucessful review site, but i can dabble in reviews from time to time 😉

      AVCHD to WMV or MP4 and yes i've looked into it, and AMD takes a lot longer to render.

      I'm not selling anything, and if you believe we do fake competition, i'd firstly advise checking out the winners who have posted their stuff up and secondly, why are you sticking around? How odd.

      • Adam Davis says:

        take him down Andy, there's nothing worst than these sort of guys making their way from review websites to websites posting unhelpful abusive comments. all that coming from a guy who couldn't even afford a system like this actually have an opinion.

        nice video Andy!

    • Grim_Reaper says:

      Dude. This is called Benchmarking. There are thousands of multiple HW combinations with different consumption. It means the PSU has to be as powerful as any HW which would be tested in the future. It is a zero point of PC, and should be as tougher as possible. PSU doesn't consume more than system itself. Go and read a bit, and then accuse.
      The bench system is for ppl to read the info about some particular piece of hardware, etc, before they will spend some hardly earned cash. IMO this is for free, and is a good favor. And No difference what format the video has. it has been rendered quality and you can get the point of a reviewer.
      Nevertheless, nobody has to justify himself, just because, you're angry.

  5. Jesse Furr says:

    Call it the Renderator.

  6. Call it Lucy. Lucy is a very pretty name.

  7. Sushruta Bhattachary says:

    Cool system. 🙂 I am still stuck in LGA 775. 🙁

  8. obiwan8926 says:

    'Ultimus'…because it's a pretty god damn powerful machine.

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