eTeknix @ Insomnia i48 – Coolermaster, CMStorm & Chillblast Booth

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Coolermaster and CMStorm are out in force at i48 and they have plenty to see and do on their booth. As you may already know, CM Storm and Coolermaster make some of the best chassis and peripherals on the market today, such as the Scout II Advanced chassis and the Quickfire range of keyboards, many of which they’ve brought along with them for all to see, use and play on.

To get things started some of the guys from CM are holding a 1 v 1 tournament, just drop by, play the game and you can with a really cool t-shirt, unfortunately for CM they’ve been getting hammered and the end of day score was certainly in favor of the public, but then again we do have some epic LoL players here at iSeries. Plus the T-Shirts are brilliant, so if your near the booth, be sure to stop by and have a quick game with the CM guys.


While CM didn’t have any new products on show, they had all of their firm favorites and its a great opportunity for the public to get hands on with the devices, try them out, learn about them and of course play a few games while using them on the CM gaming rigs.


The Quickfire Pro, TK and Rapid keyboards where all on display and have proven really popular with the masses here at the show, I haven’t seen one moment where the CM booth wasn’t completely packed with people wanting to try them out and likely try blag one for free.


CM have a guest on their booth too, working along side Chillblast, who in their own words are “builder of the world’s fastest PCs” and I have to say it certainly looks it too as they have two laptops on offer that would blow most high end gaming rigs out of the water, running Crysis 3 on Ultra without breaking a sweat and clocking up gorgeous high FPS.


The LoL challenge is running on these gorgeous systems, which as you can see from the pile of empty energy drinks are getting well used today.

The CM team are having a blast on their booth and the LoL games, a giveaway competition to win a sublime Chillblast laptop that would be the envy of… well, everyone really, cool t-shirts, free energy drinks and a chance to play some games on high end gaming rigs with some of the best peripherals on the PC market, all of which are proving extremely popular with the crowd here at i48.

We’ve got plenty more coverage to bring you later today as well as some videos, so stay tuned for more either on the site, Facebook or Twitter.

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