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/ 5 years ago


Day 2 events are well under way here at Insomnia i48 and as promised were going to start taking a closer look at what some of the booth have to offer here at the show. Of course I’m completely biased and I’m going to start with the best booth first, our own.


Ryan has been on hand and it’s his first time at the Insomnia event, he’s helped up with knowledge on cooler reviews, products and their features as well as running parts of the DiRT 3 competition we are running on the booth where you can with Enermax and XFX goodies such as PSUs and CPU coolers.


The competitions don’t stop there of course, were all in favor of giving away epic prizes here at eTeknix, something our long standing fans will be more than familiar with! Here we see an eTeknix fan performing his best “planking” skills in a bid to win some goodies in our photo competition with Enermax Europe.


We’ve seen plenty of eTeknix fans old and new dropping by the booth for our competitions as well as just to play the games we have running on the rigs, see the system we have on display and get some advice on overclocking, products and more.


One of the more popular displays on our booth is this stunning 3 x 24″ AOC monitors in AMD Eyefinity running a mixture of DiRT 3, the eTeknix homepage, Tweetopia. The monitors are mounted on a fantastic looking XFX triple monitor stand, accompanied by some very find TTeSports gaming peripherals.


We’ve got plenty of free loot and merchandise from XFX, Thermaltake, Enermax and more, with Yo-yo’s, badges, keyrings, lanyards, pens and all kinds of fun little items for people to take home with them.


We’ve also been on hand for some emergency tech support, overclocking advice and even repairing and maintaining the Team Infused gaming rigs. Here you can see Chris’s tech support setup with his extra monitor ready to bench any systems that are in need of our expertise.


The Fulmo GT is out premium rig, fitted out with a Gigabye X79 UD3 motherboard, Intel Core i7 3930K @ 4.2GHz, 16GB of ADATA XPG2 RAM, 2 x XFX 7970 DD Edition GPU’s in CrossFire, ADATA SX900 120GB SSD and a Platimax850W PSU and ETS -T40-VDCPU cooler both from Enermax. This is the rig that we have hooked up to our triple monitor setup and it’s one seriously powerful system.


Our Fulmo ST chassis is fitted with the Z77X-UD5H motherboard,  I7 [email protected] 4.4GHz, XFX 7870 GPU, Enermax Revolutions7+750w PSU and the same CPU cooler, SSD and Ram as our Fulmo GT system.


Our Ostrog GT chassis features Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4,AMD A10 5800K CPU, XFX R7850 GPU, Enermax Triathlor PSU and the same ADATA ram, SSD, and Enermax cooler as our other two systems.


We’ve had some really great feedback here at iSeries i48 and some great entries to our competitions, overclocking advice and we’ve been having a lot of fun showing people what we do, how we do it and letting everyone know that eTeknix rocks! If you’ve dropped by the booths, thank you for saying hi and we look forward to seeing you all within the eTeknix community and social channels in the near future.

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