European Parliament Exploring The Decriminalisation Of Individual File Sharing

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TorrentFreak reports that several members of the European Parliament have started a coordinated platform to urge the European Commission to update its outdated policy on copyright. The main proposal put forward by these MEPs is to make a more flexible copyright system which includes the possible decriminalisation of individual file sharing for personal use. The current European Copyright Directive (also known as InfoSoc) is more than 10 years old and the MEPs who put forward this coordinated platform believe it is outdated and needs to reflect the present reality of copyright.

“People all over the EU are increasingly concerned that the copyright system is no longer for them, and that many aspects of copyright law as it is currently applied, managed and interpreted by courts in the member states is not satisfactory or relevant” explains the letter by the MEPs.

“Infosoc has created a horrible licensing nightmare that no one is able to penetrate. Those who make use of culture – filesharers, DJs, libraries, schools – live in a constant state of uncertainty…It’s really difficult to find out what the freedoms and rights are of those who use culture. What is permitted and not permitted? When is someone at risk of getting sued? The law really needs to make that more clear.” state Pirate Party MEP Amelia Andersdotter.

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