EVGA Announced GTX 980 Hybrid Graphics Card and Upgrade Kit

/ 3 years ago


EVGA has introduced their new version of the Nvidia GTX 980 card and this time it’s Hybrid. The all-in-one liquid cooling solution significantly lowers the GPUs temperature and thereby allowing for more overclocking potential, quieter operation, and better performance. The self-contained liquid loop is connected to a 120mm radiator/fan and features a full copper plate for the GPU.


The EVGA GTX 980 Hybrid has 2048 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1291 MHz, and a Boost speed of 1393 MHz. The card is SLI ready for up to four cards, if you should be one of them who can’t get enough. It features the normal 4GB GDDR5 VRAM running at 7GHz and with a bandwidth of 224.3GB/s.


The card supports up to four monitors with three DisplayPorts, one HDMI 2.0 and one DVI port. Maximum supported refresh rate is 240Hz, analog resolution maxes at 2048×1536 and the digital at 4096×2160.

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EVGA also added their black back plate to the card, improving the cooling and stability, as well as improving the overall optics of the card. The MSRP of this card is $649.99 and it should be available very shortly.

If you already got the normal card and want to get a hybrid version instead, then you’re in luck. EVGA also offers an upgrade kit with just the essential parts.


For $99.99 you get a new shroud for your card with the right cut outs and the AIO GPU cooler with fitting mounts for your card. An upgrade with such a solution shouldn’t take long to install, as it’s mostly just plug and play.


Thanks to EVGA for providing us with this information

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