EVGA Launch First 3090 Ti KINGPIN Promotion Offering Free PSU as Sweetener

It seems that we’re at a bit of an unusual point now with graphics cards. Despite stock actually being decent, and prices slowly falling, it seems that many consumers are no longer quite so desperate to get their long-overdue upgrade. – The reason for this is, of course, pretty clear. With both AMD and Nvidia set to launch their next-gen GPUs within the next 2-3 months, I think the general consumer ethos is ‘well, I’ve waited this long, so another couple of months probably isn’t going to hurt’.

Specifically sticking with Nvidia though, it feels that both they and their AIB partners are starting to get slightly concerned at this attitude. Put simply, GPUs are out there now, and people aren’t rushing out to buy them anymore! – A factor that has already led to a lot of marketing hitting the internet over the last few weeks with many manufacturers likely worried that, on the verge of a new generation of GPUs, they may end up with warehouses full of last-gen tech while clearly having to promote next-gen models!

With this in mind, therefore, it seems that EVGA is the next to go into something of a moderate ‘sale’ mode as a new promotion on their North American website is offering what I believe is the first major deal on their flagship (and arguably the series’ most powerful) 3090 Ti KINGPIN graphics card!


Coming at a price of $2,499.99, on the surface, this probably doesn’t seem like it’s an amazing deal. Yes, the EVGA 3090 Ti KINGPIN is arguably one of the most powerful graphics cards the entire Nvidia 30XX series ever saw, but still, that still seems a lot of money for what is essentially a ‘high-end-of-life’ product.

So, with this in mind, what’s the deal? Well, acting clearly as something of a bit of a sweetener, EVGA is throwing in a SuperNOVA 1600 P2 power supply. A PSU which, incidentally, has a stand-alone price tag of around $350-$400 making this a significantly more attractive proposition (it basically means the GPU is being offered for just over $2,000). In this regard though, that’s not to say that this ‘deal’ isn’t without its problems.

Nice PSU, but No PCI-E Gen5 Connectors!

While the SuperNOVA 1600 P2 is clearly an excellent high-end PSU (80-Plus Platinum efficiency), there is a bit of an issue when it’s paired with the EVGA 3090 Ti KINGPIN. Namely, this graphics card is one of the relatively few current-gen models ONLY offering a PCI-E Gen5 12-pin power connection. – Yes, this can be overcome with adaptors (which are supplied), but the bottom line is that with the 9 ‘standard’ 8-pin PCIe cables that come with the SuperNOVA, 6 of them are going to be necessary to hook up to the adaptors, and, by proxy, hook up to the graphics card.

Do you kind of get the feeling that EVGA is trying to push two ultra-high-end products here that are shortly going to hit some soft redundancy problems?… You know, tech that’s probably going to be a lot less expensive when the Nvidia 4000 series lands later this year.

Still, for $2,499.99, the deal as a whole is pretty excellent when you consider exactly what you’re getting here. It’ll be interesting to see though whether this sticks with North America or whether EVGA choose to push this internationally. – For the moment though (and for those of you in America) you can check out the official promotional website via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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