EVGA Offers Cashback on Nvidia GTX 960 In July

/ 3 years ago


What’s better than getting a relative good graphics cards cheap? Easy, getting some of the money back after you purchased it. That is exactly what you can do now as EVGA offers European customers a €25 cashback on GeForce GTX 960 cars in July.

The exact period of purchase must be between the 6th of July and 2nd of August 2015 to be eligible and the end-user is required to register their new graphics card and follow the steps of the cashback claim process online at eu.evga.com. As always with these cashback programs, you need to purchase the unit from participating partners and the list is quite long. Among them are prominent players such as CaseKing, Scan Computers, dabs, Webhallen, and many more.

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The EVGA GeForce GTX 960 comes as either a 2GB or 4GB version and it is equipped with the pretty amazing ACX 2.0+ cooler.

It features a memory MOSFET cooling plate (MMCP) that reduces MOSFET temperatures by up to 11°C and optimised Straight Heat Pipes (SHP) that additionally reduce GPU temperature by 5°C. The fans are optimised for the perfect airflow and run on double ball bearings with an extreme low power motor. More air with less power. The fans turn off completely if the card is below 60 degrees and the graphics card also features a dual BIOS with quick-switch.

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