EVGA Reveal Double BIOS Graphics Cards

/ 5 years ago


Having a dual BIOS function on higher end graphics cards is a feature we’ve seen become normalised in recent times by quite a few vendors. EVGA has today announced that the majority of its GTX 700 series of graphics cards now come with a dual BIOS function, or will do in the future. EVGA claims the dual BIOS is essential for overclockers to get the most from their graphics card. It allows users to play around with a custom BIOS without having to fear bricking their graphics card – something that is easily done if you add a bad BIOS to your card.


EVGA claim BIOS recovery is as easy as flicking a switch. EVGA will offer BIOS updates to some cards which can be found on their respective product pages. The full list of included models and the number of BIOS they have can be found at the EVGA website here.

Images courtesy of EVGA

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  1. cri8tive08 says:

    very cool

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