EVGA shows off its final design for the GTX 580 Classified Edition

/ 7 years ago

Some of you may have seen this card before, it is not the first time it has been shown to the public, only now this time it is being released to public view officially with the final design that has been checked and agreed upon. The card features a non-standard PCB, EVGA have completely reworked the layout to allow for a much better VRM power delivery system on the card. In addition to that EVGA have added three PCI-E power connectors to allow this monster to consume as much power as is necessary to reach those maximum clock speeds.

The specifications are to be released, all we know is it features 512 CUDA cores like all GTX 580s along with three PCI-E connectors for power (two 8 pin and one 6 pin). Expect it to come with a substantial factory and warranty backed overclock on it. The capacitors are “NEC Proadlizer”, the VRM is 14+3 phase, a dual BIOS is featured and voltage status LEDs. The fan is a large blower style fan much like what we see on most AMD 6 Series reference cards like the HD 6950, HD 6970 and HD 6990. EVGA will offer a standard 1.5GB version or an upgraded 3GB version and they plan to release in August but nothing given about the possible price yet.


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